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Imagine the soaring freedom of your product taking flight, its potential limitless. But navigating the skies of innovation requires both courage  and intelligence. That's where RedHawk Consultants comes in.

We are your intrepid guides, blending the raw  audacity of the red hawk with the keen insight of a seasoned pilot. We don't just help you dream of launching your product; we equip you with the strategic map and technical expertise to conquer the market with confidence.
What we do

Strategic, Business-Driven Product Leadership for Growth-Oriented Companies

RedHawk Consultants offers fractional product leadership tailored to the unique needs of startups and small businesses. We bridge the gap between technical feasibility and market success, helping you answer the critical question: "Should We Do This?"
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Who we are
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Empower Your Products with Business-Driven Leadership: Solutions for Startups

Unlike traditional product management, our seasoned professionals focus on aligning product decisions with your overarching business goals. Our team, boasting 30+ years of hands-on expertise in advanced hardware, complex process systems, and SaaS software, provides strategic guidance, actionable insights, and execution excellence!
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Success Stories from Our Clients

See how RedHawk Consultants empowers businesses to achieve their product goals through these real-world success stories
We brought RedHawk Consultants in to help us with our product portfolio. They developed a complete market estimate and told us where our biggest product opportunity existed. But they did way more than identifying a market: they developed a detailed functional description of what that product needed to do, what it needed to cost, and a list of operational requirements that we had never considered. One of the best consultants we ever hired!

Vasile T.

Former Director of Operations and Supply Chain
Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Inc.
We asked RedHawk Consultants to evaluate our planned product roadmap. They identified the best
markets for us at our stage of development, and then they created a new multi-generational product roadmap including detailed requirements for our engineers and operations team to work from. In short, they were part of our team in every possible respect for several years, and we absolutely could not have achieved what we did without them. 

David F.

Global Technology Executive
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