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Empowering Small Businesses with Expert Fractional Product Leadership

RedHawk Consultants offers fractional product leadership—a cost-effective solution for small businesses seeking expert guidance without the full-time commitment. We specialize in helping you make strategic product decisions that drive growth and success.
A key benefit of partnering with a fractional product leader is the expedited onboarding process. Unlike traditional full-time hires, fractional product leaders can typically be integrated within a matter of days, allowing you to seamlessly begin pursuing your product goals much sooner. This eliminates the need for time-consuming and expensive recruitment processes that can last for 4-6 months and incur significant costs. 

Market-driven validation

We help you answer the critical question: "Should We Do This?" by analyzing market potential, assessing your internal and external resources, and prioritizing projects for maximum impact.

Actionable roadmaps

We translate your business goals into clear and actionable product roadmaps and requirements that guide your development and management teams.

Cross-functional collaboration

We work seamlessly with all departments of your organization to ensure successful product execution from ideation to launch and beyond.

Data-driven insights

We define and develop the business data framework necessary to measure product success and make informed decisions.

End-to-end expertise

We provide guidance on managing product retirement and obsolescence, ensuring a smooth transition and minimizing impact on your business.

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Success Stories from Our Clients

See how RedHawk Consultants empowers businesses to achieve their product goals through these real-world success stories
We brought RedHawk Consultants in to help us with our product portfolio. They developed a complete market estimate and told us where our biggest product opportunity existed. But they did way more than identifying a market: they developed a detailed functional description of what that product needed to do, what it needed to cost, and a list of operational requirements that we had never considered. One of the best consultants we ever hired!

Vasile T.

Former Director of Operations and Supply Chain
Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Inc.
We asked RedHawk Consultants to evaluate our planned product roadmap. They identified the best
markets for us at our stage of development, and then they created a new multi-generational product roadmap including detailed requirements for our engineers and operations team to work from. In short, they were part of our team in every possible respect for several years, and we absolutely could not have achieved what we did without them. 

David F.

Global Technology Executive
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